20 September 2014

The Simple Part of Life (aka, the non vacation, fun-ness of being a parent)

Elizabeth is almost always filled with smiles.  Oh, and there is our gun safe we bought on our 5 year anniversary.  It looks pretty nice in the kitchen :)

The boys love the rain no matter how they are clothed. 

More Elizabeth smiles.  We were having some fun park time. 

The boys always like to come say hi to Elizabeth when they haven't seen her for a few minutes. 

What a cute little smile! 

Milk bubbles!

Just so much cuteness, it is hard to capture it all.

Ever since we had our photos taken professionally Charlie will sometimes tell me that he wants his picture taken and then he will totally give an awesome pose.

Henry is getting into it, too.

And Elizabeth was just born wanting her photo taken.

Here we are again, Elizabeth had too much space so the boys had to join her. 

Charlie wanted to model his awesome outfit that he put together.

Charlie is using a rusted trowel, rocks, and a frisbee as his fork, pizza, and plate.  He is blowing on it since it is very hot.

Angus, Henry's little dog (named after the dog in the book Henry the Explorer) just looked so cute.  Henry loves to carry him around everywhere!  They are about as inseparable as Calvin and Hobbes.  Angus has traveled as far as Henry has, heck, he even came to the movies with Henry.  Angus is continually filthy and I try to sneak him away from Henry on laundry day.  

Now that the basement is much emptier with the Drakes gone we have been going out the basement door to play outside in the backyard.

And finally, once again the boys are in Elizabeth's space since they love her so much.  And yes, Elizabeth now fits into the three pairs of Christmas pj's so that is what she gets to wear.

I surely enjoy being a mom.  It is really the greatest thing in the world!  Just this morning, when all three kids were on our bed, I just sighed and took it all in of how much I love my kids, Charles, and just life in general.

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