12 September 2014

Little Trips: Camping and Fair

We went camping with our ward and had lots of fun.

Elizabeth and her two month younger contemporary.  There are two other babies younger than these girls in our ward and all four babies are approximately the same size.  Elizabeth was the youngest one spending the night camping.  She is professional now that she has gone camping twice.

Our super fun missionaries!

Henry pretends to bite people.  He thinks it is hilarious!

I love my dirty little boys.

Charlie tries to stay clean, but is still dirty on his leg.

We played at the lake the next morning.

I love Henry's little tan lines :)

They had lots of fun!

We went to the York County Fair (1st fair in America, or something like that).  Elizabeth enjoyed the front of the stroller again.


Sheep!  There were little brand new lambs.  They also had new baby piglets and baby calf.

This pig was super loud and it scared the boys a bit.

We watched a little informative things about cleaning horses.

And then petted a horse.

We watched a little 9/11 parade of firetrucks, ambulances, police cars, and other emergency vehicles. The boys liked it and had fun waving to everyone.

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