12 January 2014

Henry is Learning so Much and the PA Farm Show

Henry walks wonderfully and is loving it.  Henry has started saying words all of a sudden and has picked up a few very fast.  Here is the order in which he learned his words: ball, Jesus, moo (cow sound), maa (goat sound), and cow.

We haven't gotten all of the words on video yet, but here are a few that he said on Saturday at the PA Farm Show and at home.  Also at the end of the clip is Charlie hitting a ball with a racket.  He is pretty good except for the little accident at the end.

Henry has learned more than enough about the toilet paper.  I fell asleep on his bed during the day and was awoken by Charlie coming into the room saying, "Potty!"  And he didn't have any underwear on.  He had peed on the floor right next to the potty and then tried to clean it up with toilet paper.  I presume that Henry caught onto to the idea and started yanking it off, too.  The bathroom was filled with toilet paper.  Henry loves to go into the bathroom, pull off toilet paper, rip it into little bits, and then eat the little bits.  I really should have taken a picture of the bathroom, too bad.

We went to the PA Farm Show this weekend.  This is what we saw on the way to Harrisburg.  Do you know what it is.  Charles was with the Elders and one of them hadn't been that far yet and assumed it was a field.  It is really the Susquehanna River covered in ice chunks.

They shuttled people to the building from the offsite parking using school buses.  Charlie loved the bus ride.

The boys loved seeing all of the animals and making their sounds.

Charlie and Henry had fun milking a "cow."

All of the tractors were a big hit with them as well.

Charles saw a turbo on display that had been cut away and thought it was just great since it is the same as the ones he reverse engineers. 

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