03 August 2013

Hatch Family Reunion, Oceanside, CA 2013

We got to Oceanside in the early evening of Sunday the 21st.  Here are lots of pictures of the boys playing with my cousins.
Darci and many other cousins all loved to hold Henry and feed him his food and water.

Charlie and Whitney showing off their muscles. 
Whitney with Charlie and Kassie with Henry. 
 Kassie tickling Henry.

Charlie was always wanting to play games with everyone.
 Charlie roaring at the cousins.
The girls loved Henry.
 First time at the water.
 Jacuzzi time.  Henry loved it.
 Charlie was a little tentative.
 Whitney and I took these nine kids down on a walk on the beach.
Henry all tuckered out. 
My mom made face cards with our ancestors.  The kids are playing memory with them. 
Charlie and I down at the water while he was grumpy one morning.
 Beach time.  Charlie thoroughly loved putting sand on me anytime we were on the beach.
 Playing in the water.

 Sad about something.

I got buried in the sand.
 Charlie loved throwing sand at me when I was buried.
 Getting out was pretty tough.

Charlie went into the hole and right after that a huge wave came up and filled the hole.  That scared him a ton. 
 Henry woke up and came out to play.

Charlie shared the sand with Henry since he didn't have any. 

 Henry enjoyed the sand a little too much.

 He was covered in sand from literally head to toe.
 Charlie wanting to play memory with the "big" kids.
 Charlie loved playing with this ball that someone brought.
 Henry was occupied with cousins.
While parents were at the San Diego Temple, Grandma and I stayed back to tend the kiddos.  The fun craft that the kids did was to decorate visors.  Unfortunately we didn't realize that there were different sizes since they all looked the same.  The kids got the adult sizes and the adults got the kid sizes.  Charlie mostly loved playing with the markers and would decorate his hat on the side.
 Henry never really went into the water, but he did love the sand so I was pretty happy with that.
"Put your hands in the air like you really don't care!  Schmeerskahoven!"  (That line is from a Pinky and the Brain, it was for Charles' sake).  I honestly don't know what Henry was doing.  Maybe trying to see more clearly all of the dirt on his hands.
 The cousins put these stickers on Charlie's shirt for him.  He thought that they were great.  He would point to the waves and tell me that it was, "Wawa."  And then point to the beach ball and say, "BALL! HOOP!  HOOP!"  Because everyone knows that if there is a ball around there must also be a hoop for the ball to go into.
 Charlie was always looking out of the window at the sandpile.  Whenever there were cousins out there I would take him out and then ditch him once he felt comfortable.  He would play out there for quite a while.
 I just love Henry's one dimple.
 Charlie loved this yellow hoe.  Whenever he saw the hoe it had to be his.  When he saw someone who had it he would try to take it away and if he couldn't it was an all out crying fest.
The "big kid" boy cousins made these flyer things out of solo cups and would fly them off of the roof of the house into the grass. 
 Elle and Charlie are throwing the ball together.  Mostly it is just Elle throwing it at Charlie and then bouncing off his gut back to Elle.  Charlie thought it was fun.
 Off to Sunset Market.  It was a fun event and lots of neat things.
 Charlie and Henry got matching hats.  Henry is a snow leopard and Charlie is a tiger.
 Henry kept ripping off his hat and Charlie kept running around and then taking the hat off to show me how cool it is.
We had such a fun time in Oceanside at the Hatch Family Reunion.  We are so thankful for all those in charge of putting on the family reunion and for Grandma for making it possible.  I just love my family!

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