14 May 2012

Rexburg, ID Trip

Charles and I heard about a little trip that his parents, Jan and Tom, and his little sister, Angela were taking to Rexburg, Idaho to visit Jan's brother Steve and his family for their daughter, Clara's baptism.  We really wanted to tag along since it sounded like such fun.  In the end though only Charlie and I went.  Charles had to stay home to work on his MBA.  This last week was his last and final week of his entire MBA which meant he was incredibly busy.  In retrospect it probably was a very good thing for Charlie and I to leave for Friday and most of Saturday so that Charles could have peace and quiet.  He said that if we hadn't he probably would have gotten a ton less done.

So off Charlie and I went with the Martins to Idaho.  Charlie was a little sick when we left and things got a bit worse: not too bad though.  For being sick Charlie was a pretty good little kid and was quite social with everyone.  Charlie especially loved listening to all of the beautiful music that was played.  He thoroughly enjoys music in a way that I don't understand.  He can sit so still and pay attention so well if music is being played.  Or if he is tired at all he goes straight to sleep.  He is definitely much more musical than I am.

As of today, Sunday, the 13th of May 2012, Charles is FINALLY FINISHED with his MBA!!!!!  Yea, I can talk to him for as long as I want without feeling guilty that I am distracting him from his school work. I know that he is amazingly excited to finally be able to do whatever he wants when he isn't at work.

Here are two pictures of Charlie on our trip.  I'll have more to share once some other people who had cameras and took pictures for me email them to me, hint hint, nudge nudge :)

We stopped for lunch on our way to Idaho in Pocatello. 
This is Charlie's way to wait in the car.

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