14 May 2012


Since limes were on sale for Cinco de Mayo I bought a ton.  I have always loved limes but my love for limes has surely increased.  As I was slicing up the limes the smell brought back wonderful memories of the movie Ben-Hur.  I know what you are thinking, "Ben-Hur?  Uh... what are you thinking?"  Let me explain.  Back when I was 12 for Christmas Eve we went out to Baja Fresh (I love this place and next time I am in CA I just have to go there) where they always have a plethora of limes for your yummy Mexican food.  Mom let us open one Christmas movie early to watch and so we watched Ben-Hur.  Hence, the limes remind me of Ben-Hur.  I really wanted to watch Ben-Hur because of it.  But, I decided that I should wait until Christmas when I now watch it annually. 

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