21 October 2011

Is It Time For Solids Yet?

Charles trying to feed Charlie his first solids.  Just kidding, nothing but good ole fashion milk for this little guy for a while.  But this is one of our many carrots from our garden this year.

Here is a pumpkin that we grew.  It sure is a giant :)


We have more than enough green onions.

Here is my weak attempt at making an orange into a jack-o-lantern.

For kicks and giggles here are some photos of Charlie.  I know that the Grandparents can't ever get enough of these pictures.

This is Charlie all bundled up to go to a corn maze.  You may notice that the bear suit is a little big for him.

Here is Charlie is his chillin' pose.  He will often sleep like this now.  (I love how he has spit down the front of his shirt and a bit of barf on his sleeve in this picture.  We are exposing the dirty little secret that I don't always change him out of his clothes if he gets them dirty.  Kids and dirt just go together, there is no separation of them.  That is why they have to get dirty right after a bath, at least that is the only time Charlie has blow out diapers.  So the key to not having blow out diapers is not taking baths.  Simple!)

I caught Charlie chewing on his oxygen instead of napping.  Thankfully we have been able to take away his distracting toys.  No more oxygen!

I took this photo to document how Charlie chews on his fingers but it turned out so funny!  This picture reminds me of the kid on Home Alone.


Deanna said...

That carrot is preposterous! Wow! And Charlie just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Nathan and Colleen said...

Those pictures of Charlie are so cute. That carrot is ridiculous, and Nathan thinks your pumpkin looks like a Christmas oranament. Too funny.

Kelsey said...

you'll have to teach me how to garden. i don't know anything about it but would love to learn.