21 September 2011

Something Slightly Interesting ... maybe

The other day we met the people who were the original owners of the house (in 1970) that we are living in.  They wanted to look around so we let them in.  It was interesting to hear what was the same and what was drastically different.  There were a few original things: living room carpet, kitchen counters, and bathroom cupboards.  Things that were drastically different: kitchen pantry used to be a bathroom, laundry chute from upstairs bathroom was blocked.  It was neat to hear their stories and they distinctly remember from the home.

The other day another person was holding Charlie and when Charles saw them he thought, "Hey we have a baby that looks just like him."  then he realized it was our baby.

Also the other day Charles and I were driving home and I happened to look in the back seat and thought, "Hey, there is a car seat back there.  There's a baby in it!  Where did that come from?"  Then I realized that we had a baby.  It was an odd moment.

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