19 September 2011


Since Charles got a job out in Tooele we have been looking around at moving out there once I graduate.  Grantsville is a lovely rural city very close which we want to live in.  Unfortunately renting is pretty expensive out there.  We looked around at buying a home, there are pretty good prices for homes out there.  We kept looking for a stellar deal and but weren't finding one because even foreclosures and short sales were pretty much market value.  Charles found out that building in Grantsville in a development was cheaper than even buying a foreclosure that would need major repairs.  So we decided to build.  It can be done in 2-3 months!  They started last week and things are coming along nicely.  Below are some photos that we took on Saturday when we went to Charles' work party.  They are supposed to start framing on Wednesday.

Charlie has had a few explosive poopies lately.  It has been ruining his cute onesies.  I tried all of our sprays that are supposed to take out stains and nothing was working.  I finally decided that I was going to take matters into my owns hands when he dirtied his cute hawaiian onesie and an entire blanket.  I scrubed them with our Irish Spring bar soap for a little and it came right out.  Since then I have been able to clean four other outfits this way and all have become perfectly clean!  I am so happy that I finally have a solution for potentially poop stained outfits.

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Rachel Judd Cowley said...

Baby wash works really well, too! Just squirt some on and scrub away in the sink--works like a charm! and way to figure out the Irish Spring secret! I'll try it :)