26 October 2009

A busy week

This week, I have been taking midterms, not the most fun thing in the world, but it is exciting to really understand everything I have been learning in class and make lots of connection in the material. I seem to have a lot of moments where the light bulb finally goes on.

The TCU vs. BYU game was a depressing game since we just killed ourselves. It didn't help when we left the game early at the end of the 3rd quarter and we still hit a lot of game traffic of people leaving early.

Charles has been asked by his work to go on a business trip in February to Dallas, TX. I am allowed to go with him, but Klune wont pay for my flight, but we figure we can still make a pretty fun vacation out of the trip. I have never been to Texas so it will be lots of fun.

In Nursery we have two new couples that will be with us, so hopefully we will be able to have some Sundays to go to our classes for the 2nd and 3rd hour.

This week has been pretty busy with school and regular life things and I think that is all for now.

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