15 May 2013

Idaho Austins

We, the Martin clan, went to visit Colleen, Nathan, and kiddos in Idaho this last weekend.  Nathan and Charles were in a disc golf tournament for most of Saturday.  Colleen and I had lots of fun with the kids.
We went to a super cool waterfall that you can stand under!

Charlie kept pointing to the waterfall and saying, "Wawa!"
It is fun to see the cousins all together,  minus Gideon.
Afterwards we played in the backyard.
Henry sat up by himself so well.

He did eventually topple over during his photo shoot.

It looks like he is popping out of the ground :)

Since Henry hates bottles he got to try one of the Austin's sippy cups.  He loved it!  Hallelujah!
Charlie enjoyed being outside with tons of new toys.
His whole body saw the sun that day.

Charlie enjoyed playing with Gideon out on the blanket.
Tara played so well with Henry and could sure make him laugh.  I was very impressed with her ability to get her hair out of Henry's hands and not fussing about it.
Charlie eating at the park for dinner.
Charles with us after the tournament at the park.
Charlie enjoyed the slide and kept doing it over and over again.
His sideways hat was so cute!

Mother's Day morning I had all of the little boys on the couch with me.  Nathan prepared a wonderful breakfast!  It was so much fun to be with my sister and her family!

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Nathan and Colleen said...

That was tons of fun we'll have to do it again. I love all the pictures. C