29 December 2011

Twas the Twinkling Twilight

Charles' family always does a little program on Christmas Eve every year and since I can't sing or play an instrument I had to think of something good to do.  I love tongue twisters and so I decided to write a Christmas tongue twister spin off of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  

Twas the Twinkling Twilight
by Annette Martin 
Twas the twinkling twilight, Christmas coming close.
The house, mouse, and spouse did not rouse.
Stockings stuck side by side
Soon to be softly stuffed by Santa.
Babies bundled in blankets in their beds,
Candy canes and Christmas cookies color children’s cortex.
Parents praying for peace past five,
Settling our sore spines sleepily for slumber.
Clamor clattered carelessly!
Jumping to judge the jostling,
Waking I whizzed to the white wind washed window
When what winters wonders would wonderfully show.
Smooth sleigh sailing with seven swift subarctic species,
Santa chauffeur, so spirited and spunky.
Question confirmed I caught Kris Kringle.
St. Nick knowingly named them:
Now Nolen! Now Norman! Now Newman and Nelson!
On Octavian! On Ollie and Oliver!
Race over the wreathes!  Rush to the roof!
Run Reindeer! Rush Reindeer! Race Reindeer!
The thatch thumped and thudded,
Prancing and pawing padding the powder.
Tilting, turning, thinking I thought “That was WEIRD!”
Nick’s thick sack whacked the smokestack.
Flowing fur from frontalis to phalanges,
Ashen ascot and soot soaked suit.
Beautiful, brilliant bifocals above a broad, beaming beard,
Laughing he lovingly unloaded the loot.
He hurried to the hearth to heed the hopes of hearts
Santa slid into his silver sleigh and soon slid from sight.
Festooned he flew, festinating:
“Cheery Christmas!  Cheery Christmas to Charles and Charlie!”

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Julianne Blickfeldt said...

We loved hearing that at our Christmas Eve program! :)