19 November 2009

ASl Movie, All About Me

For my ASL class I had to make a movie all about me, so here is what it came out to be. There are no words, just sign, so I provided a transcript below. Capitalized words are spelled out and to just warn you, I wrote my thing out in ASL grammar, so don't think that since I have been in college that my grammar has gone to pot. Enjoy.


My family lives in California. I youngest, born DEC 28. Oldest of four my sister COLLEEN. She married 3 children girls. Cute. 2nd oldest, brother, EVAN, intern Atlanta, Georgia. 2nd youngest DAVID, missionary in GUADALAJARA Mexico. Dad mom divorced. My mom, SANDRA 2nd marriage DEC. New husband, LARRY my new dad from Wyoming. I happy for my mom. JACQUES, my dad French, talks French good. I know little bit French enough talk with my Grandma Grandpa from France.

When I short I had 4 dogs, 5 sheep, 7 chickens, 1 goat, 30 rabbits. I love animals. I wish had dog, but no area for dog. I love to draw, paint, but not good, I practice. I like water paint best. I like photograph, I have many many photos. I like sew clothes myself, but time (not) enough, busy. I excited snow My major, Communication DISORDERS.

I married, my husband, he CHARLES. He wonderful husband. I met him 1 year past. When I visit my best friend, ROSE, she introduced him me. We live Orem, basement APT. He finish school. He engineer. He talks German Russian. He now learning Chinese. He smart. We love watch BYU football.


Little more:

My husband I play with children church in married student ward

I love to clean the house

My husband loves cook bread bacon meat

but I like to eat salad

Now Finished

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Nathan and Colleen said...

That looked really cool. Good job.