03 December 2017

Thanksgiving Greatness

Thanksgiving was a blast all together with our family!

The kids cleaned deer poop from Grandma's lawn.  It was like a treasure hunt!

They climbed rocks like goats.

The kids did some BB gun shooting for the first time.

Eliza did some dancing in her spare time.

Hey look, Annette got her photo taken.  Mom's never get that.

We went shooting which is a great Thanksgiving tradition.

It was tons of fun.

Elizabeth dressed up in all of the new dress up clothes Aunt Colleen brought.  This was her favorite by far.

The kids went in Grandma's hot tub.

The kids enjoyed themselves a lot.

We walked around Cabela's for fun.

The Austin girls taught Lizzy the fine art of raiding Grandma's closet of all of her fun dress up dresses.

Elizabeth "swam" as a mermaid across the floor and then she would become a princess.  She calls it her Ariel dress now.

Charlie joined in the dressing up with an awesome purple cape.

During Thanksgiving the guys went disc golfing and the adults did an escape room in Springville.  We went to actual Thanksgiving dinner with Charles' family and then had a Christmas party on Saturday morning with Charles family.

We had some family photos taken with everyone together.

They turned out amazing!!!

The kids loved taking the photos and love looking at the photos!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It feels like heaven when we are all together.

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